Spirituality and Politics

Bryan is a first year student in the MA in Urban Studies program with a concentration in Community Development.  Read more of his thoughts at his blog, Bryan and Christin, at http://loverochester.blogspot.com/.


A friend of ours put it this way, “We need to bring, I think, a certain spirituality, or higher dimension, to our understanding of political and economic life in order to sort out the holy from the unholy in our common life. For indeed, we are an “occupied” people.”


I couldn’t agree with him more. How are we to ignore the politics that dictate our lives and the lives of our neighbors?  Did Jesus not address political and economic life?

I ponder the idea that our systems and our lives are occupied by both holy and unholy -well- stuff. What would it look like in today’s world to set ourselves (and our systems) free from the chains of demons such as greed?

This is a curious thing to ponder as I gaze through the falling snow at the rushing traffic.  Beyond the traffic lies a man who appears to be living under the bridge.  What are his thoughts?

What are your thoughts?


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