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My company was sold and layoffs are coming.  What are my prospects for getting another job in this field?

Should I move to ________?  I heard they have more jobs.

What can I do with my degree to make more money?

All of these are questions that might lead you to check out Where Are the Jobs, a new online resource that won first place in the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) challenge run by the United States Department of Labor.  The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics collects valuable data on employment, wages, productivity and other topics.  Although the data are available through some excellent online resources–most notably the Occupational Outlook Handbook and Career Guide to Industries–the D.O.L. wanted to make the data more accessible to the public.  Data accessed by this and other contest entries were published in May 2010.

Located at, this visually attractive and interactive resource enables a worker to look at average earnings in different parts of the state or country for a given occupation.  Users can also compare employment and wages of the occupation as applied in a variety of industries.

Second place, third place, honorable mention, and People’s Choice computer or smartphone tools are also presented in the U.S. Department of Labor blog about the contest and are worth a look.  Read the news release here.

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