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As an open-access e-journal, EMME published almost 100 articles and  reviews of books and multimedia material in 18 issues between 1999 and 2006.  In Fall 2007, it was succeeded by International Journal of Multicultural Education (IJME), an open-access peer-reviewed e-journal.  Its inaugural issue will published in December 2007.  For the journal information, click the link on the left.

EMME provided for international scholars, practitioners, and students of multicultural education a forum in which scholarly and practical ideas were exchanged to strengthen the theories and practices of multicultural education. Uniquely theme-oriented, each issue of EMME contained articles, instructional ideas, and reviews of arts, juvenile and professional books, and multimedia materials on a particular theme. EMME also published articles that discussed broad topics of multicultural education beyond specific issue themes. 

EMME, sponsored by Eastern University, has reached readers from 50 countries since 1999 and will continue to be available free of charge from this website. When you use our materials, please give EMME and our authors proper credits. A recommended citation format in the APA (American Psychological Association) style can be found at the end of each article. Please contact us for reproduction or reprint inquiries.  

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