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For the first several weeks of the semester, my Western Civilization class has taken on the task of preparing to perform three Shakespeare plays. The plays we are performing are A Midsummer’s Night Dream, King Lear, and Richard the III. The preparation includes editing the script (no small task), assigning parts, rehearsing, collecting props, memorizing lines, directing and organizing, etc. etc. As difficult a task it has been, the endeavor certainly proves to be worth it in the end. I have enjoyed becoming far more familiar with the plays than I was before, as well as observing and participating in putting on a show. “Swift as a shadow, short as any dream, Brief as the lightning in the collied night, That, in a spleen, unfolds both heaven and earth,...

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Getting back into the swing of things…

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Well, we are about three weeks into the spring semester and that meansĀ I am going to start to get homework more often. No one likes to do homework but it has to get done. Since this is my second semester here, I have made a lot of new friends, and a lot of those friends are in my classes. This is awesome because we can do our homework together. If I do not understand something, I can just ask my friend to see if he or she gets it. I find that working in groups makes doing homework so much easier. I am able to get a better understanding of what I need to know and doing homework goes a lot faster (well sometimes it goes slower but that’s just because we get off topic). So even though doing homework isn’t always your favorite thing to do, doing it with...

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